Here’s How . . . to Pass Your “Bar” Exam, Seagram’s 1941



Here’s How . . . to Pass Your “Bar” Exam, Seagram’s 1941: Subtitle of this booklet is “And Have More Fun at Party Time.” Booklet copyrighted and produced by Seagram-Distillers Corp., New York.
Forty pages. Excellent vintage condition. Paper cover has some moderate shelf wear. Pages and stapled binding are in perfect condition. An elaborately printed booklet, it has has an eight-page foldout with full colored pictures of the seven brands of Seagram’s whiskey, gin, and rye. The booklet has not only cocktail recipes, but also a three-page cocktail quiz with answers, a discussion of “Here’s How to Head the Class of Master Mixers,” several pages of parlor tricks and games, many puzzles with answers, and appetizers recipes. Still attached is a card to send in to Seagram-Distillers Corp. to request answers to three special puzzle questions. (Sort of like a decoder ring for grown-ups.)

You”ll love the parlor tricks and games, “Penny on the Brow,” “In Cahoots,” “Reading Thru Fire,” “One-Legged Writing,” “Tattooing with Ashes,” and more.


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