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Charles Dickens Cookbook, 1981, First U.S. Printing



Charles Dickens Cookbook, 1981, First U.S. Printing: This cookbook was originally published in 1980 in Australia under the title Mr. Pickwick’s Plentiful Portions. This copy is from the first United States and Canada publication, in 1981, by Personal Library, Publishers, Toronto, Canada. It is an oversized cookbook with hard cover boards that have a bark-like texture and that are deeply embossed in gold. It was written by Brenda Marshall who pairs Dickens quotations concerning food with Victorian recipes for the mentioned dish. Oh, yes, and who illustrates the recipes with the original pictures from the Dickens novels. I wish, however, she had cited the Victorian cookbooks. That information would be good to have.

This cookbook is in as-if-new condition. The cover is perfect. The hinges and binding are firm. The pages are clean and clear. Definitely gift quality! Perfect gift for a Dickens fan!

(I’m putting this in the Celebrity Chefs category, since it is certainly based on Dickens’ celebrity.)


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