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Avocado Dessert from Fireside Cook Book, James Beard, 1949, 2008

Avocado Dessert from Fireside Cook Book, James Beard, 1949, 2008:  Fireside Cook Book, James Beard:  Just one great recipe from James Beard’s 1949 masterpiece:  Avocado Dessert.  Although I know avocado is a fruit, I’ve never thought of using avocado as a dessert.  Have you?  Yet here it is, as a very simple, easy, luscious avocado pudding.


Of course we have this cookbook.  See it here:

Fireside Cook Book: A Complete Guide to Fine Cooking for Beginner and Expert Containing 1217 Recipes and Over 400 Color Pictures, by James A. Beard. Published by Simon and Schuster, New York, 1949, 323 pages. Hard cover with dust jacket.  First edition, sixth printing. Some wear on dust cover, but it is now safely encased in Mylar. Book is in mint condition!  Pages are all absolutely clean and clear.  (Marked down from $44.00.)  Wonderful recipes, clearly and cleverly written.  Complete menus for all occasions.

signature James Beard, Fireside Cook Book, 1949, 2008

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