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200 Years of Charleston Cooking: St. Cecelia Ball

200 Years Charleston Cooking: St. Cecelia Ball: I’ve said before, 200 Years of Charleston Cooking is my all-time favorite antique cookbook. Here’s an excellent example of why it’s my favorite. Oyster Stew with Mace recipe along with the charming discussion of the St. Cecelia Ball, where the stew was often served. And notice how the actual name (not the Mrs. John Jones name) of the recipe’s author is included. (What joy for the genealogist!)  200 Years Charleston Cooking: St. Cecelia Ball: Yes, we have this cookbook for sale. You can see it here:

200 Years of Charleston Cooking, by Blanche Rhett, Lettie Gay, and Helen Woodward. Published by Random House, New York. This is a first edition copy, copyrighted in 1930, with the calico cover.  NOT the revised edition copyrighted in 1934.  Hard cover, 305 pages.  Excellent vintage condition.

Of all the old cookbooks I’ve dealt with in 20 years, this is the best. Every page has little stories about the recipes, concrete historical facts about the people for whom the recipes were created, delightful tales about the people who cooked the recipes and about those who set the tables. Not to mention history of the local plantations.  And, it has charming black and white photographs of everyday people selling food.  I love this cookbook. And, this copy is in excellent vintage condition, with no problems at all.  Every page is clean and clear.  The binding is completely sound.



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