Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Mrs. Lincoln’s Forefathers’ Day Dinner

Mrs. Lincoln's Forefathers' Day Dinner: Here's a recipe for succotash, the featured dish during an up-coming holiday that you may not know. Forefathers' Day is celebrated in Plymouth, Massachusetts on December 22 every year. (Curious about Forefathers' Day? Since Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book…
Art of Eating, M. F .K. Fisher, 1954
Antique Recipes

War Cake Recipe, How to Cook a Wolf

War Cake Recipe: Here's an extremely historic recipe from M.F.K. Fisher's How to Cook a Wolf, published in 1942, and republished in M.F.K. Fisher's The Art of Eating: War Cake, a cake to make when resources are tight. It used no eggs! Here's the cookbook:…
Daily News Cook Book, 1896
Antique Recipes

1896 Thanksgiving Chicago Record Cook Book

1896 Thanksgiving menu and two unusual (for today) recipes from the Chicago Record Cook Book. This cookbook published menus and recipes sent in by its working-class readers, usually exactly as the readers submitted the recipes. So, here's a working-class Chicago Thanksgiving menu in 1896, plus…
Cooking A La Ritz
Antique Recipes

Cooking A La Ritz, 1941: Braised Sorrel

Cooking A La Ritz, 1941: Braised Sorrel: Chef Louis Diat's 1941 cookbook, Cooking A La Ritz, includes hundreds of recipes for sauces and seasonings. Here's one example, Braised Sorrel, used for garnishing meat, especially veal. Cooking A La Ritz is an incredibly generous cookbook. (For…
historic antique cookbook
Antique Recipes

Mrs. Lincoln’s Orange Charlotte Recipe

Mrs. Lincoln's Orange Charlotte Recipe: Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book, 1884, 1888: First edition, 1888 printing of one of the most famous antique cookbooks of the United States, Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cook Book, published in 1884 by Roberts Brothers, Boston. Probably the most famous American…
Marion Harland's Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s First Loaf

Marion Harland's First Loaf:  In Marion Harland's Cook Book of Tried and Tested Recipes Containing the Following Recipes Bread Sponge and Breakfast Breads, the writer opens with instructions for making your own yeast.  Then, she goes to a chapter she calls, "The First Loaf," where…