Shrimp Gumbo from Bennigan’s: Escape from the Everyday Cookbook, 1989

Shrimp Gumbo from Bennigan's: Escape from the Everyday Cookbook, 1989: Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here: Bennigan’s:  Escape from the Everyday Cookbook.   1989 cookbook published by S&A Restaurant Corporation, Dallas, Texas.  Recipes from one of the leading 1980s “fern bar” restaurants,…
Taste of Texas Cook Book
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Taste of Texas Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Taste of Texas Barbecue Sauce:  Here's one great recipe from A Taste of Texas, a cookbook with recipes edited by Jane Trahey, compiled for Neiman-Marcus by Marihelen McDuff.  Published by Random House, New York, in 1949.  I figured Texas is famous for barbecue, so here's…