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Ship’s Cook and Baker, 1944, Otto Krey. Excellent Vintage Condition



Ship’s Cook and Baker, 1944, Otto Krey, Excellent Vintage Condition: These recipes are intended to feed the people working on tankers, cargo ships, and combination ships, defined as 36 to 40 people. The galley crew would consist of the chief steward, the chief cook, and the second cook and baker. The recipes in this book are sort of frightening. How do you even stir 5 dozen hard-boiled eggs, 2 pounds of rice and 4 pounds of tomatoes (for Eggs, Spanish Style.)

This book was written by Otto Krey, a man with 34 years’ experience at sea, and published by Cornell Maritime Press, New York, in 1944. It is a hardback book with 312 pages. The front fly leaf and the back fly leaf have spots and stains. All of the interior leaves, pages 1 through 312 pages, are clean and clear. The cover of the book has some shelf wear, especially at the corners and edges. The hinges are fine, the binding is tight.


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