How to Mix “It” with Roxo, The Aristocrat of Mixers, 1934



How to Mix “It” with Roxo, The Aristocrat of Mixers, 1934:  28-page booklet published by Waukesha Roxo Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin, “Home of the World Famous Springs,” with general offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Copyright in 1934.  Manufacturers of Roxo Ginger Ale, Roxo White Soda, and Roxo Carbonated Water.  The booklet describes itself as “A Polite Handbook of the most Popular and Authentic Recipes for Cocktails, Collins, Coolers, Cups, Fizzes and Juleps . . . with a Hint or Two for the Clever Host or Hostess.  Highballs taste better with Roxo.”

Unfortunately, the booklet does not give credit to the cartoonist who developed the clever illustration of a gentleman that graces every page of the booklet.  The booklet is in excellent vintage condition.  There’s a smudge on the cover and the back cover has a bit of shelf wear.  All of the internal pages are completely clean and clear.  The stapled binding is firm.



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