Home Helps, 1900, Sarah Tyson Rorer, Philadelphia Cooking School



Home Helps, 1900, Sarah Tyson Rorer, Philadelphia Cooking School: Paper covered booklet edited by Sarah Tyson Rorer, the principal of the Philadelphia Cooking School, and published by the N.K. Fairbank Company, Chicago. Subtitled A Practical and Useful Book of Recipes with much more valuable information on cooking and serving Breakfasts, Luncheons, Dinners, and Teas. First published in 1898. This copy is from the 1900 printing. Booklet is advertising for Cottolene shortening, Gold Dust Washing Powder (with racist ads, see image) and Fairy Soap. 77 pages. Excellent antique condition. Binding is sound. Pages are clean and clear. Cover has some very light stains. Gift quality.

Booklet has an interesting feature: a 2″ column in the right margin of most pages. That column is printed in red ink and has helpful household information, tips on setting the table, and more. (See image.) The wider left hand column is printed in black and the content is recipes. Many famous cooking school teachers, food writers, and chefs contributed recipes for this booklet, like Marion Harland, Christine Terhune Herrick, Mrs. E. O. Hiller, Mrs. Lincoln, Miss Parloa, and more.

In fact, this booklet was republished in 1910, in hard cover, listing on the cover these experts: Mrs. Mary J. Lincoln, Lida Ames Willis, Mrs. Sarah Tyson Rorer, Mrs. Helen Armstrong, and Marion Harland.

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