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Cooking LeeWays, 1980, Self-Published and Signed SALE!!



Cooking LeeWays, 1980, Self-Published and Signed. Cookbook written and published by Lillian Wardlee Kendall Manildi. Printed by R.L. Manildi, San Ramon, California. 8 1/2″ by 11″.
108 Pages. Each page is clear and clean. Metal spiral binding is perfect. Cover has a few tiny dings, but is otherwise perfect.

Lee Manildi says in her introduction that she began to do this cookbook in response to requests from her family members. Then, friends began to ask for copies, as well, so she decided to get the recipes published. The recipes are for very family-oriented dishes, main dishes, vegetables, potatoes and rice, salads, and desserts. Manildi provides detailed instructions for tricky parts of recipes, often with photographs. This is one of the clearest, most helpful self-published cookbooks I’ve seen. (And I’ve seen a lot of them.)


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