Tasha Tudor Cookbook, 1993, As-If-New Condition with As-If-New Dust Jacket



Tasha Tudor’s Cookbook: Recipes and Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage. Featuring More than 80 of Tasha Tudor’s Favorite Family Recipes. One of Tasha Tudor’s last major works in a career that spanned the 1940s through the 1990’s. Written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor with Carol Johnston Lueck. Published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, New York, in 1993. Hardcover book with 124 pages, most of them with a warm and charming Tudor illustration. This copy is in fine condition, mint, in fact! The dust jacket is mint, as well.  First Edition as stated on copyright page. Lovely cookbook in gift quality. Perfect for your daughter or granddaughter!

More information on Tasha Tudor here: Tasha Tudor. We have another–much earlier–Tasha Tudor cookbook, Tasha Tudor’s New England Butt’ry Shelf Almanac being a Collation of Observations on New England People, Birds, Flowers, Herbs, Weather, Customs, and Cookery of Yesterday and Today. A stated first edition, first printing. See it here: New England Buttry Shelf Almanac

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