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Mary Lyles Wilson’s New Cook Book, 1914, 1952. “Cake Maker for the Presidents.”



Mary Lyles Wilson’s New Cook Book, by Mrs. W. H. Wilson (Mary Elizabeth Lyles Wilson.) First edition was published in 1914 by Foster and Parkes Company, Nashville, Tenn. This copy was published in 1952 by The Southwestern Company, Nashville, Tennessee.  Hard cover, 373 pages including index. Mrs. Wilson’s is a complete general cookbook, but Mrs. Wilson’s heart was in baking and decorating cakes. Many, many cake recipes in this cookbook, along with detailed instructions for decorating cakes and candies. I can’t find any information–not quickly, that is–on Mrs. Wilson’s accomplishments, but the pictures in this book include President Taft’s Thanksgiving Cake, President Woodrow Wilson’s Christmas Cake, and Miss Jessie Woodrow Wilson’s Wedding Cake. The book is in nearly mint condition.  Every page is clean and clear.  The hinges are perfect.  The binding is tight.  This cookbook was never used.


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