Love Time & Butter, 1971, Joe Hyde
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Bay Scallops Saute Meuniere from Love Time & Butter, 1971

Bay Scallops Saute Meuniere from Love Time & Butter, 1971: Great recipe from a terrific cookbook. (If you are going to make Bay Scallops, shouldn’t you use the recipe from a cookbook with this title?)

Love Time & Butter, 1971, Joe Hyde

Of course we have the cookbook. See it here:

Love Time & Butter, Joe Hyde, 1971: Great 70s cookbook with a pop art cover and an emphasis on cooking techniques, not on courses or recipes. Subtitle is “The Broiling, Roasting, Baking, Deep-Fat Frying, Sauteing, Braising, and Boiling Cook Book.” Large format hard cover book with 188 pages. It comes with a dust jacket, but the dust jacket is a mess. The book is in good vintage condition. It has definitely been used. There are a number of little comments and changes on several of the recipes. Binding is solid. Pages are clean and clear, with the exception of about five pages with little, neat notes. First edition, first printing. Published in 1971 by Richard W. Baron Publishing Co., Inc.

Love Time & Butter is a fascinating cookbook. Hyde was a professional chef who became a cooking instructor at the University of California Los Angeles, and then became a caterer. He says in his introduction he is trying to pass on “a way of understanding cooking, to see it as a subject with a structure rather than as a series of recipes. There are methods of cooking which you must understand first, then the dishes and recipes themselves will be easy.”

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