Vintage Children's Cookbooks, including Textbooks

Vintage Children’s Cookbooks: Vintage Cookbook’s antiquarian, antique, vintage, out-of-print, rare, collectible and used cookbooks for children, including the cookbook that you had as a child. Now you can give to your grandchild! This is the category for children’s cookbooks from the 1800s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Historic cookbooks!

Vintage Children’s Cookbooks currently on the website include: Teena in the Kitchen with Her Friends’ Best Recipes, 1964; Betty Betz Teen-Age Cookbook, 1953 Miss B.’s First Cookbook, 1950; Fun with Cooking: Easy Recipes for Beginners, 1947; Mary Alden’s Cake Cookie Cook Book, 1956; Mary Alden’s Cook Book for Children, 1955; Mary Francis Cook Book or Adventures Among the Kitchen People, 1912; My Learn to Cook Book, 1967; Mother Goose Cookie-Candy Book, 1983; Sedgwick; When Mother Lets Us Cook, 1908, 1916; Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cook Book, 1965; Teen Cuisine Illustrated by Peter Max; Tricks for Treats: A Fun with Foods Project; 4-H Food Magic; Kitchen Fun, 1932; Boys’ Cook Book, 1959; Junior Cook Book, 1972; Let’s Start Cooking, 1951; It’s Fun to Cook, Maltby; Little House Cookbook; Better Homes Gardens Junior Cook Book; Young Children’s Mix Fix Cook Book; My Learn Cook Book, 1967, Sedgwick; Fannie Farmer Junior Cook Book; Susie’s New Stove, 1950; Let’s Start to Cook, Farm Journal’s Junior Cookbook; The Little Chef’s Cookbook, 1950; Young America’s Cook Book, 1939, New York Herald Tribune; Jolly Times Cook Book, 1934; Fun to Cook Book, Carnation, 1955; Tasha Tudor Cookbook, 1993; Better Homes Gardens Junior Cook Book, 1955; Sesame Street Cookbook, 1978, 1979; Nancy Drew Cookbook, 1973; Cooking with Mickey Around Our World, 1986.