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“Zooms,” U.K.B.G. Guide to Drinks

Zooms from UKBG Guide to Drinks

Zooms from UKBG Guide to Drinks

“Zooms,” U.K.B.G. Guide to Drinks:  I’d never heard of a drink called “Zoom,” but I’d certainly be willing to try one on a cold fall evening!  Here’s the recipe:"Zooms" from U.K.B.G. Guide to Drinks  Here’s the book:

U.K.B.G. Guide to Drinks:  First published in 1953–with only 5,000 copies printed–this copy of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild Guide to Drinks was printed in 1960 in the third edition, revised.  Hard cover with linen covered boards, with 268 pages.  Includes “Details of the Winning Recipes in Cocktail Competitions Organised by the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild,” with recipes for cocktails beginning in 1934, with a cocktail called “Royal Romance.”  Interesting advertisements and a few cartoons.  Cover has shelf wear and the front board is slightly bowed.  Pages are all clean and clear.  Great gift!

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