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White Meat Chicken Salad from Marshall Field’s Cookbook

White Meat Chicken Salad from Marshall Field’s Cookbook: All those yummy recipes! For the wonderful food you had a Marshal Field’s when lunching with your mother, your aunt, your best friend. Here’s the recipe for their special chicken salad!

Meat Chicken Salad from Marshall Field's Cookbook

Meat Chicken Salad from Marshall Field’s Cookbook

Yes, we have the cookbook. See it here:

Marshall Field’s Cookbook for Ladies Who Lunch: Classic Recipes and Fresh Takes from the Field’s Culinary Council. Text by Steve Siegelman. Published by Federated Retail Holdings, Inc. in 2006. (Was that the year Macy’s gobbled up Marshall Field’s?) Large hard cover cookbook in mint condition, with dust jacket, also in mint condition. 232 pages with splendid food photography.
Did you ever live in Chicago? Meet your friend under the clock, then go to lunch in the Walnut Room? Did you have the Wild Rice Soup? Or the Lobster Bisque? Maybe the Strawberry Chicken Salad? Or the Field’s Special, aka the Cyclops? All those recipes are here. Plus many, many more.

At we try to provide you with your mother’s cookbook!  I know lots of current recipe bloggers write proudly that their recipes are “not from your mother’s cookbook.”  We think the recipes in your mother’s cookbook provided food that was nutritious and warm and colorful and just plain yummy!  We know that just looking at the cover of your mother’s Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book makes you feel good.  Holding her Betty Crocker Cookbook, or her Better Homes and Gardens, or Good Housekeeping Cookbook in your hands is better than nostalgic.  And cooking some of those dishes for your children will pass on a great tradition.  
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