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Tennessee Persimmon Cake from United States Regional Cook Book, 1947

Tennessee Persimmon Cake from United States Regional Cook Book, 1947:

Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here:

United States Regional Cookbook, 1947, edited by Ruth Berolzheimer, Director,  Culinary Arts Institute.  Hard cover cookbook with NO dust jacket.  752 pages.  Published in 1947 by Culinary Arts Institute, Chicago.  Cover has many minor dings. Inside, the cookbook is in mint condition.  The interior of the book is perfect.  Pages are clean and clear.  Hinges are perfect.  Binding is perfect.  Great regional recipes plus all sorts of “asides” with extra local information and history.

The cool “antique-y” thing about this book is the thumb index.  That is those indented places along the outside edge, each fitted with an label matching a chapter of the book.  So, there are thumb-indexed first pages for the New England Cook Book, the Southern Cook Book, the Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book, the Creole Cook Book, the Michigan Dutch Cook Book, the Mississippi Valley Cook Book,the Wisconsin Dutch Cook Book, the Minnesota Scandinavian Cook Book, the Southwestern Cook Book, the Western Cook Book, and the Cosmopolitan America Cook Book.