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Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s Stewed Eels Recipe

Marion Harland's Stewed Eels Recipe:  Here's one antique recipe from Marion Harland's Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea, 1875, for Stewed Eels.   Of course we have the cookbook. You can see it here: Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea:  Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea, by Marion Harland.  Part of…
Antique Recipes

Asparagus Omelet from 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902

Asparagus Omelet from 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902: Yes, we have the cookbook.  See it here: 365 Luncheon Dishes, 1902. Rare Cookbook in Excellent Antique Condition! Extremely difficult to find cookbook (this is the only copy available on the internet to my knowledge) in excellent antique…