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Speed Drills from Texas School of Bartenders, Inc.

Speed Drills from Texas School of Bartenders, Inc.

bartenders' speed drills

Speed Drills from Texas School of Bartenders, Inc.

Yes, we have the booklet.  See it here:

Texas School of Bartenders, Inc. Early Lesson Booklet:  This school was founded in 1987.   I’m guessing that this booklet is its original teaching tool because it is rather unprofessional, with a few typos and misspellings.  The introduction is signed by Mary Jo Shearer, President.  I can’t find any references to Mary Jo Shearer in any of the on-line material about the obviously now very successful Texas School of Bartenders.

This booklet is 8 1/2 by 11″ with 56 pages.  It begins with a diagram of the bartender’s station and equipment, then lists bar stock, bottle sizes, floating liqueurs, and setting up and closing the bar.  The drink lessons begin with cream drinks, then has liquor-and-mix drinks.  The third lesson is on martinis and manhattans, and the fourth is on “extra drinks,” like stingers and daiquiris.  The fourth is on liquor drinks and the fifth is on short and tall sours.   Last are wine drinks and hot drinks.  The booklet ends with general information and legal points.

The booklet is in nearly mint condition.  The cover has a bit of shelf wear.  A few carefully written notes–always very useful–are in the margins.  Stapled binding is firm.  Pages are clean and clear.