Sorghum Treasures
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Shoo Fly Pie from Sorghum Treasures, 1991

Shoo Fly Pie from Sorghum Treasures, 1991: A friend asked me to find this recipe years ago. Now I have the recipe and can’t find the friend! Maybe you can use it.

Sorghum Treasures, 1991, 2002

Sorghum Treasures, 1991, 2002

Of course we have the cookbook! See it here:

Sorghum Treasures: A Compilation of Recipes — Old and New: Cookbook produced by the National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association, an organization formed in 1985, apparently at the University of Kentucky. This cookbook was printed by Jumbo Jack’s Cookbooks, Audubon, Iowa. First printed in 1991, this copy is from the 2002 eighth printing. 168 pages. Paper cover and plastic comb binding. Mint condition, with the exception of a turned corner on the bottom of the cover. Remainder of the cookbook is in as-if-new condition.

I didn’t know for sure, so I had to look it up. Maybe you don’t know, either. “Sorghum is made from 100% pure, natural juice extracted from sorghum cane. The juice is concentrated by evaporation in open pans into a clear, amber colored, mild-flavored syrup. . . . It is one of the oldest natural sweeteners known.”

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