Buy It 'N Try It
Antique Recipes

Mizutaki, Uosuki

Mizutaki, Uosuki:  Yummy-sounding recipe from Buy It 'N Try It from the Women's Society Tokyo Union Church, 1954, 1973.    See the cookbook here: Buy It ‘N Try It, Japan:  Subtitled, Hints on Cooking and Living in Japan, this cookbook was compiled, edited and published…
Antique Recipes

Mother Hubbard’s Victory Custard

Mother Hubbard's Victory Custard: Many of the cookbooks published during World War II (1939-1945) had "victory" recipes, that is, recipes that could be made from everyday, inexpensive ingredients during rationing, while the best food was going to the war effort. (Compare to today's wars?) Here…
Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book
Antique Recipes

Marion Harland’s Thanksgiving Citron Cake from Marion Harland’s Compete Cook Book, 1903, 1906

Marion Harland's Thanksgiving Citron Cake:  Here's one great, seasonal recipe from Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book,1903, 1906:  Thanksgiving Citron Cake. It's delightfully vague, isn't it? Here's another thing to be delighted about:  Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book's entire title is "Marion Harland's Complete Cook Book:…