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Way to Cook, Julia Child, 1989, Gift Quality. First Edition, First Printing!



Way to Cook, Julia Child, 1989: Huge, heavy, glossy cookbook by Julia Child. Published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 511 over-sized, clay-coated pages. Book is in mint condition. No dust jacket. Definitely gift quality.

Child says in the Forward that the material in the cookbook is from the Dinner at Julia’s television series, four years of monthly food article in Parade magazine, cooking segments on Good Morning America, and recipes and ideas that she wanted to share. The result is a comprehensive cookbook cover soups, breads, eggs, fin fish and shellfish, poultry, meat, vegetables, salads, pastry doughs, desserts, and cakes and cookies. Child concentrates on techniques, and on healthy replacements for fats. For example, see our Recipes section for her Rice and Onion Soup Base that can serve as a substitute for a cream base.

Easy-to-follow cookbook with coding to indicate special features of recipes or sections. For example, “M” indicates a master recipe, “B” is boxed special note.

Don’t forget to click on “Recipes” at the top of the homepage. You’ll find one great recipe from many of the great antique and vintage cookbooks, AND from the great vintage cocktail books or mixing guides, not to mention from the great vintage aphrodisiac cookbooks. Here:


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