Sourdough Jack’s Cookery, First Edition, 1959



Sourdough Jack’s Cookery, 1959, this copy is from the 1961 third printing. Subtitled “A Collation of Legends, anecdotes, old wives tales, recipes concerning sourdough pancakes & breadstuffs including a pastel of western food americana gathered from cattlemen, authors and prospectors across the american west orver a decade, for the particular delectation of our readers.”

Colorfully written, designed, and printed cookbook with many stories, claims, and ridiculous legends, along with some practical items like lists of equipment needed for baking sourdough bread, recipes for dishes that are good with sourdough bread, and information about bean sprouts. (Have you ever noticed that when men write cookbooks, they get, well, expansive?) Excellent condition. Plastic comb binding is missing a few parts, but it still holds the cookbook together quite well. Pages are all clean and clear.

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