Seasoning Secrets: Herbs and Spices, 1949, Carson Gulley



Seasoning Secrets: Herbs and Spices, 1949, Carson Gulley:  Booklet with a generous sharing of spice information plus recipes by Carson Gulley, University of Wisconsin Senior Chef, Residence Halls, an authority on herbs and spices.  Self published by the author in 1949.  Printed at Straus Printing Co., Madison, Wis.  Booklet has 64 pages.  Cover has quite a bit of staining and shelf wear.  Pages are clean and clear.  Stapled binding is firm.

Booklet begins with Gulley’s brief autobiography, where he mentions working with George Washington Carver and his publications.  Gulley’s discussion of the use of spices includes information I’ve never seen in any cookbook (and I’ve read MANY cookbooks.)  The Herb and Spice Guide includes alphabetical information on every spice used in America, including several I haven’t heard of.  The recipes section has many sauce recipes that sound amazing.

Gulley was African American and quite a presence in Madison.  For more information about Gulley, begin here:    Recollection Wisconsin:


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