Rawleigh’s Good Health Guide: 1957 Almanac and Cook Book



Rawleigh’s Good Health Guide: 1957 Almanac and Cook Book:  32-page booklet published by the W.T. Rawleigh Company Main Offices and Factories, Freeport, Ill.  Advertises Rawleigh products including vitamin supplements, bath preparations, cleaning and laundry supplies, cough and cold products, deodorants, fruit drinks, ointment, fragrances, hair products, skin creams, seasonings, and more.  Booklet has recipes for cakes, puddings, breads, fish, meats, pies, salads, and soups.

But the really fun parts of this booklet are the almanac parts.  There’s the 1957 zodiacal planting chart showing the precise dates favorable for planting specific crops.  For example, you could plant vines and stalks, but not grain or roots on May 27 and 28.  January 18 and 19 were good for weeding.  There are charts predicting the weather in all parts of the country, and charts for the phases of the moon.  There’s even a 1957 fishing calendar showing the “best,” “good,” and “fair” days to go fishing.


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