Presidential Cook Book, 1896, 1901



Presidential Cook Book, 1896, 1901:  The Presidential Cook Book, adapted from The White House Cook Book. Copyright 1896 by The Werner Company, and 1901 by The Saalfield Publishing Co. Published by Saalfield in Akron, Ohio, and New York. 440 pages, plus six clay-coated pages of advertising.  I’ve had at least six copies of this cookbook in the last twenty years.  This one is by far the best.  The cover has modest shelf wear and some light stains.  The hinges are great.  The binding is tight.  Pages are tanned.  This cookbook is in excellent vintage condition. Isn’t the cover picture terrific?

Dedication says, “To the Wives of Our Presidents, Those Noble Women who have Graced the White HoAttributesuse, And whose Names and Memories Are dear to all American, This Volume is affectionately dedicated.”

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