Pillsbury’s Ten Thousand Dollar Bakery Formula Book, 1950



Pillsbury’s Ten Thousand Dollar Bakery Formula Book, 1950: “121 prize-winning formulas to help you build business.” Formulas (or commercial recipes) from the winners of Pillsbury’s Bakers’ $10,000 Grand National Formula Hunt of 1950. “Thousands of bakers from coast to coast entered their choicest formulas in this contest.” “We believe you will find here many formulas that will turn out to be business-builders and money-makers for you.”

This book, printed in landscape format, has an extremely heavy cardboard cover and a heavy duty plastic comb binding. The pages are extra heavy, clay coated paper, and the chapters are divided by more clay coated, card board with tabs. 132 pages. The chapters are Bread – Rolls, Cakes – Cookies, Sweet Goods, Pies – Specialties. This copy is presumed to be from the first edition, first printing, no other being mentioned. The cover has some shelf wear. The binding is firm. The pages are all clear and clean. It has not been used. A difficult-to-find book that ought to be extremely useful to the commercial baker or to anyone who bakes in quantity.


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