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Philadelphia Main Line Classics, 1982

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Philadelphia Main Line Classics: A Cookbook from Historic Philadelphia Suburbs. Cookbook compiled and published by the Junior Saturday Club, Wayne, Pennsylvania, in 1982. This copy is from the first edition, third printing. Comprehensive cookbook with 425 pages. Chapters on beverages, appetizers, salads and soups, breads, cheese, eggs and pasta, fish and shellfish, poultry, and meat, vegetables, and desserts, with chapters on using the microwave and the food processor. Mint condition. Definitely gift quality!

Special note: These Junior Saturday Club members appreciated the time crunch in modern life. Many–perhaps the majority–of these recipes are marked “Do Ahead.” These are recipes you can make the day before your party or dinner. You know how important that can be! You’ll have time to change your clothes before your guests arrive!

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