Our Candy Recipes and Other Confections, 1941



Our Candy Recipes and Other Confections, 1941:  Classic candy recipes by May B. Van Arsdale and Ruth Parrish Casa Emellos, then facculty members at Columbia University.  Published in 1941 by M. Barrows and Company, Inc., New York.  Hard cover book in as-if new condition.  188 pages, every one clean and clear.  Hinges and binding are perfect.  Dust jacket is a mess.

The authors say all of their recipes can be made in an ordinary (1940s) kitchen.  The recipes are for fondant, fudge, penuchi, operas, caramels, divinity, nougat, taffies, brittles, butterscotch, toffies, clear hard candies, lollypops, maple candies, cocoanut candies, pop corn candies, nuts, fruits, chocolate dipping, decorative sweets, frostings,, syrups and sauces, and refrigerator ice creams.


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