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One Thousand Successful Recipes, Silvernail, 1926, 1950



One Thousand Successful Recipes, Silvernail, 1926. Revised and expanded edition of Nine Hundred Successful Recipes, 1923, by Lulu Thompson Silvernail, domestic science teacher for the Southwestern Milling Company, Inc., Kansas City, Mo. Self-published as Silvernail Cook Book, Kansas City. Originally copyrighted in 1923 as Nine Hundred Successful Recipes, then expanded and re-titled as One Thousand Successful Recipes in 1926. This copy is from the first edition, 1950 printing.

Ms. Silvernail must have insisted on the production of a lovely cookbook. Her 1923 book had a beautifully embossed hard cover, like a fine book of poems, in olive green and gold. This 1926, 1950 cover is even more beautiful. Exactly as the 1926 cover, this 1950 cover has an elegant reddish brown embossed leather with lots of shine, a lovely little embossed casserole in the center, and gold raised background for the vividly raised title Ms. Silvernail’s name. 366 pages. (Second printings often have a much cheaper, more plain cover.  That was not for Lulu Silvernail.)  This copy in as-if-new vintage condition. There’s just a bit of shelf wear on the cover, at the tips of the corners and at the base of the spine cover.   Every single page is clean and clear.  The hinges are perfect.  Binding is tight. Wonderful gift for someone you really love!

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