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Old Waldorf Bar Days, 1931, First Edition, First Printing. Amazing Gift!

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Old Waldorf Bar Days: 1931 first edition, first printing of anecdotes, history, and memories of the Waldorf bar. Written by Albert Stevens Crockett, with illustrations by Leighton Budd. Published in 1931 by Aventine Press, New York. Subtitled “With the Cognomina and Composition of Four Hundred and Ninety-one Appealing Appetizers and Salutary Potations Long Known, Admired and Served at the Famous Big Brass Rail;” also A Glossary for the Use of Antiquarians and Students of American Mores. Crockett discusses the “American School of Drinking,” and the personalities involved, with many stories of politicians and bar boys! (You must remember that Prohibition began in 1920 and ended in 1933. So this book was written with a sort of bitter nostalgia.)

Following the history (the first 114 pages,) there is a “Cocktails” chapter (another 114 pages) with an alphabetical list of cocktail recipes, accompanied by illustrations and more anecdotes. The last section of the book is a Glossary with definition and explanations of the major types of spirits.

Hard cover with gold-silver boards. 242 pages. Excellent vintage condition. Corners are bumped. Pages are uniformly tanned. Binding is perfect. No spots, tears, folds, or other imperfections.

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