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OHWC Cooks in Tooled Leather Cover, from Missoula, Montana, 1971

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OHWC Cooks in Tooled Leather Cover, from Missoula, Montana, 1971: Cookbook produced by the Orchard Homes Woman’s Club, Missoula, Montana in 1971. Do you suppose that everyone who bought this cookbook got this incredible hand tooled leather cover? Notice the sweet poem, My Kitchen Prayer, inside the front cover. Under the table of contents, this statement is printed: “A dash of this–a pinch of that–a level cup or two. This book is dedicated to all the members who, with their magic recipes, weave a wonderful creation for happy families and homes. Now who needs liberation?”

This cookbook has 134 pages. It is good vintage condition. It has been thoroughly used. Some of the recipes have large “X’s” over them, and some of the pages are loose. The pages are all clean, with no spots or stains. All the recipes are quite readable. The hand tooled leather cover is in perfect condition. The lacing is completely intact, and the tooling is beautifully done. I wonder if the cookbook owner made the cover? Maybe someone made it for her? A son or daughter? I hope you enjoy it.

I found some information about Orchard Homes, here:

Don’t forget to click on “Recipes” at the top of the Homepage. You’ll find one great recipe from many of the great antique cookbooks, including OHWC Cooks.


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