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New Presentation of Cooking with Timed Recipes, 1924, Auguste Gay

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New Presentation of Cooking with Timed Recipes, 1924, Auguste Gay:  Handsome antique cookbook written by Auguste Gay, the man who won the prize offered by the United States Food Administration for the best wartime bread during World War I.  His bread was popularly known as the Liberty Bread.  He was also director of cuisine at the Duke of Wellington’s House, London, England; the Grand Hotel, Brussels, Belgium; the Bristol Hotel, Vienna, Austria; the Czar of Russia, Petrograd, Russia; the French Embassies in Moscow and Constantinople, Turkey; Sheppard’s Hotel, Cairo, Egypt; the Grand Hotel, Rome, Italy; the Continental Hotel, Paris; the Ritz Carlton Hotels in New York City and Montreal; and the Yale Club in New York City.

The unusual thing about this cookbook is the long 252-page chapter on Timed Recipes.  Soup, eggs, fish, meats and entrees, vegetables, and desserts recipes are placed in five categories: 5 to 15 minute recipes, 15 to 30 minute recipes, 30 to 45 minute recipes,45 to 1 hour recipes, and over 1 hour recipes.  When you think about it, this is a great way to organize a cookbook.  How often have you thought, “What am I going to cook.  I just have 30 minutes.”  Today, we have a great many “quick cooking” cookbooks.  But I don’t know of many that give you a choice of timed recipes.  I think the idea was original with Gay.

This cookbook was written with the collaboration of Anne Page.  It was published by Ringsmith and Wellman, San Francisco, California.  It has highly embossed, hard boards, covered with deep red linen.  It has 500 pages.  The pages are slightly darkened, along the edges.  Other than that, every page is clean and clear.    The front hinge is partly exposed.  It has been mended with clear librarian’s tape.  The binding is tight and in great shape.  This cookbook is an excellent value.  It would also be an excellent gift.  It is very much an “antique cookbook.”


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