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Mrs. Harding’s Twentieth Century Cook Book

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Mrs. Harding’s Twentieth Century Cook Book: The title page of this cookbook just says, “Twentieth Century Cook Book: An Up-to-Date and Skillful Preparation on the Art of Cooking and Modern Candy Making Simplified also The Process of Drying Fruits and Vegetables and Butchering Time Recipes.” So, I wondered who Mrs. Harding was. As this cookbook was published in 1921, at the beginning of Warren G. Harding’s term as President of the United States, and since there are a couple of pictures of the White House kitchen and a reference to Mrs. Harding’s supervision of the White House chef, it is obvious that Mrs. Harding was the First Lady of the United States. Oddly, though, there is no introduction or even an explanatory note about Mrs. Harding’s connection with this cookbook. The copyright was held by John Thomas of Chicago, Illinois, and I assume he was the White House chef and author of this cookbook.

Mrs. Harding’s Twentieth Century Cook Book was published by The Geographical Publishing Co., Chicago. It is a hard cover book with 182 pages. The candy chapters of the book cover 31 pages. The cover shows quite a bit of wear. The back hinge is exposed, but holding. The binding is sound, and the pages are clean and clear.


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