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Mary Elizabeth’s War Time Recipes, 1918



Mary Elizabeth’s War Time Recipes, Historic World War I Cook Book:  Subtitled “Containing Many Simple but Excellent Recipes, for Wheatless Cakes and Bread, Meatless Dishes, Sugarless Candies, Delicious War Time Desserts, and Many Other Delectable ‘Economy’ Dishes.”  Cookbook written by Mary Elizabeth Evans and published by Frederick A. Stokes Company, Publishers, New York, in 1918.  Hard cover cookbook with no dust jacket.  164 pages.  Near-mint condition.  Pages are all clean and clear.  Binding is tight.  Cover has very slight shelf wear, but it is slightly faded along the spine side.  Rare copy of an historic cookbook.

In her preface, Evans says she talked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and learned that “Soldiers do not fight well if underfed, nor have they good morale if their families at home are hungry.”  So, she decided, “women’s first war activity should be to cooperate fully with the United States Food Administration.”

Obviously, Evans was well connected, well informed and smart.  So I looked her up.  Wikipedia tells us that that Evans started her own candy company, and it became a group of candy stores and tea rooms run by a women-only business empire, with an anchor store on Fifth Avenue, New York City.  You can read the brief profile here:


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