Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book, 1903, 1906



Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book:  The complete title of this book is: “Marion Harland’s Complete Cook Book: a Practical and Exhaustive Manual of Cookery and Housekeeping Containing Thousands of Carefully Proved Recipes– Prepared for the Housewife, not for the Chef–and Many Chapters on the Care and Management of the Home–the Final Expression of Her Life’s Experience.”  First published in 1903, this is from the 1906 edition, published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Publisher, Indianapolis.  Hard cover with no dust jacket.  781 pages.  Good antique  condition.  Copy has some shelf wear along the edges, and the pages are tanned–but all clean and clear.  Front hinge is exposed, but holding.  The binding is firm.  Several recipes, like plum pudding and Indian curry, are carefully hand written on blank pages.

The amazing thing about this cookbook is the organization, or the charming lack of organization. For example, the philosophical little essay called, “Even Threaded Living,” is just sandwiched between “Dinner Vegetables” and “Sweets of All Sorts” (with a wonderful recipe for blanc mange, incidentally.)

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