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Manual on Cordials, 1949, Leroux & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Manual on Cordials, 1949, Leroux & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:  My image doesn’t do justice to the cover of this manual.  It is actually very heavy cardboard in emerald green with dark red and gold, beautifully and intricately  embossed with “Manual on Cordials by Leroux & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The World’s Finest.”  The binding is an aluminum comb binding.  It has 57 pages, plus two pages with illustrations of the proper equipment for bartenders and two pages of full color plates with pictures of Leroux products.  The manual is in mint, never used condition.

This manual begins with a brief history of the Leroux company and its products. It continues with a brief glossary of terms used in the cordial industry.  There’s a chapter on the fruits used in cordials and the liqueurs that contain them.  There’s a similar chapter on the seeds used in cordials, and chapters on herbs, on peels, and on cremes.  There’s a chapter on distilled liquors used in the cordial industry, including brandies, whiskies, Irish whiskey, gins, vodka, kirschwasser, rum and Figaro Rum.  There’s also information on some of Leroux specialties, a discussion of prepared cocktails, and a lengthy list of “Famous Names and Specialties” like Advocaat and Akvavit, and more.  Every page is clean and clear.


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