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Kudeti Book of Yoruba Cookery, 1934,1987



Kudeti Book of Yoruba Cookery, 1934, 1987: This is a small, paper backed cookbook with 59 pages. It was first compiled in 1934 by J. A. Mars and E. M. Tooleyo. It was first published in 1934 by C.M. S. Bookshops in Nigeria. It was revised in 1965, and revised again in 1979. This booklet is from the 1987 reprinting of that third edition. To save you the looking up: the Yoruba are a numerousWestAfricancoastalpeople. This booklet’s cover has a modest amount of shelf wear. The pages are perfect. In fact, some of the pages are still uncut.

This cookbook features many ingredients you won’t know, and the cookbook’s authors didn’t provide substitute English names for the Yoruban labels for the dishes they describe. So, you’ll have the delightful experience of reading the entire recipe before you really know what you’ll be cooking! The cookbook’s chapters are: 1) Beans; 2) Yam; 3) Rice; 4) Soups, Stews, & Sauce; 5) Corn and Cassava; 6) Eggs; 7) Chickens; 8) Miscellaneous; 9) Invalid Dishes; 10) Bread–Cakes and Beverages; and 11) Flours.



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