Italian Bouquet: Epicurean Tour of Italy, First Edition, 1958, 1973



Italian Bouquet: Epicurean Tour of Italy, First Edition, 1958, 1973: by Samuel Chamberlain, a Gourmet Book, 1958. Recipes translated by Narcissa Chamberlain. Prints, drawings, and photographs by Samuel Chamberlain.  From the fifth printing, 1973.  A very large, heavy, hard covered book with 593 pages. An exquisitely detailed tour around Italy with discussions of the hotels, manors, chapels, churches, castles, restaurants, palaces, etc., focusing on their food and menus. Recipes accompany the descriptions and photographs. Detailed recipe index. This copy of Italian Bouquet is in as-if-new condition.  Hinges are perfect, as is the binding.  Pages are all clean and clear.  Cover is perfect.

Chamberlain and Gourmet also produced British Bouquet: Epicurean Tour of Britain and Bouquet de France: Epicurean Tour of French Provinces. Little known fact: I learned from the Introduction to Bouquet de France, by Earle R. MacAusland, publisher of Gourmet, that Samuel Chamberlain wrote Clementine in the Kitchen–a very popular novel/cookbook about a cook who came to the United States from France. Chamberlain used the pen name Phineas Beck for Clementine.

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