Irvin S. Cobb’s Own Recipe Book, 1934, Frankfort Distilleries



Irvin S. Cobb’s Own Recipe Book, 1934, Frankfort Distilleries: Booklet that the original owner personalized with pasted-in magazine clips, like “Five Simple Motions to Make a Tom Collins.” As a nationally known literary lion and film actor, Cobb was the perfect person to be invited by the Frankfort Distilleries to write the text for this booklet. It is a paperback booklet that has its own dust jacket, shown here. The first 33 pages are as humorous essay about Cobb’s relatives’ personal history with cocktails, accompanied by excellent lithographs. (Unfortunately, the name of the artist is not given.) Then, there’s a four-page history of the Frankfort Distilleries, then America’s largest independent distilling organization. And, last are cocktail recipes, with Cobb’s comments in italics.

This booklet and dust jacket are not in perfect condition. The spine has been reinforced with clear librarian’s tape. The dust jacket is sort of fringed at the edges and it has a large but light stain on the front. There’s a rather large stain on the back flap of the dust jacket, and there are scattered tiny stains throughout the book. But more importantly the original owner has pasted four clippings into the book, all cocktail related. Plus there are loose clippings stuffed into the book. I find these charming, but maybe you won’t.

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