Inglenook Cook Book, 1901, 1910



Inglenook Cook Book, 1901, 1910 edition.  Choice Recipes Contributed by Sister of the Brethren Church, Subscribers and Friends of the Inglenook Magazine.  One of the best-known of the church cookbooks!  First published in 1901.  This is the 1910 printing of the 1901 edition.  With no revisions, this copy is the same as the 1901 original.  (The first revised copy was published in 1911. )   Published in Elgin, Ill., by the Brethren Publishing House.  Includes recipes such as “Real Marshmallows.”  Hard cover, 212 pages.  Good condition. Hinges have been mended with librarian’s tape, so all pages are here and in good shape, as is the cover.

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