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How to Cook a Wolf, 1942, 1943



How to Cook a Wolf: One of the most sought after of all American cookbooks! How to Cook a Wolf, by M.F.K. Fisher. Wonderful “plain cooking” recipes, plus clever, witty, and warm conversational text that made people feel better about cooking while under World War II rationing. First published by Duell, Sloan & Pierce in 1942. This copy is from the 1943 fifth printing.  (In 1944, the book began to be published by Forum Books Edition, World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio.)  Hard cover, 261 pp. Dust jacket in good antique condition with some wear at the edges and corners, and small chunks missing off the spine cover.  Dust jacket is now safely encased in Mylar.   Actual book cover is beige linen over hard boards, with some discoloration on the top of the spine.  All pages are clean and clear, with the exception of the fly leaf.  It has a sentiment and a stain.  This copy was published during World War II, under civilian printing conditions, so the paper was of relatively poor quality. I don’t think this book was ever read. Absolutely gift quality!

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