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How and When, Marco Quality Liquors, 1938, 1945, Chicago



How and When, Marco Quality Liquors, 1938, 1945, Chicago: High end, hardback book with gold and glossy navy blue cover with Marco crest. Pages are all high gloss, clay coated paper. By Hyman Gale and Gerald F. Marco. Self-published by Marco’s, Chicago. Printed by The Hillison & Etten Company, Chicago. Binding by Zonne & Co., Chicago. First edition published in 1938. This copy from the 1945 revised third edition. 224 pages. I’m fairly certain this book was prepared to give to the store’s best customers. No other copies available on the Internet.

The first 68 pages of this book are about wine, explaining the varieties and origins, the care and purchase, and recipes for foods using wines. The next 41 pages ae about various hard liquors, including brandy, rum, liqueurs, whiskies, and gin, beer and bitters. The last 110 pages are about cocktails and mixed drinks, including pages and pages of short and sweet recipes.

This book is in good antique condition. The cover has a bit of shelf wear, especially along the edges. The interior of the book is nearly perfect. Hinges are great, binding is tight, pages are clean and clear.


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