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Handy Cook Book with Introduction by Marion Harland, 1900

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Handy Cook Book with Introduction by Marion Harland, 1900:  The Handy Cook Book with a Familiar Talk on Cookery by Marion Harland.  Linen-covered hard boards for this cookbook with 259 pages.  Published by C. S. Hammond & Co., New York.  This cookbook is in excellent antique condition.  Binding is solid, pages are clean and clear, hinges are perfect.

Marion Harland was the pen name for Mary Virginia Terhune, an American author who began publishing at the age of 14 and continued into her 90s, even though she was blind.  (See her Wikipedia entry, here:  She wrote romantic novels, then switched to nonfiction.  Her most famous cookbook, Commonsense in the Household: a Manual of Practical Housewifery, was a bestseller, eventually selling over a million copies.

Harland was nothing if not opinionated.  In the Handy Cook Book, she writes “I assert that, were I a legislator, I should introduce, and force forward, a bill to the effect that no woman should be married until she had learned practical cookery in all its branches.”  While this book asserts only that Harland wrote the introduction, no author is claimed for the actual cookbook.  I suspect that Harland wrote it, lifting liberally from her earlier cookbooks.

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