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Grandma Keeler’s Housekeeper, Los Angeles Examiner, circa 1900

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Grandma Keeler’s Housekeeper, Los Angeles Examiner, circa 1900:  Book compiled and published by T. Newman.  Hard cover book with 238 pages.  Excellent antique condition.  Hinges are partially exposed, but they are quite firm.  Binding is solid.  Cover is linen-covered boards with gold embossing.  Some wear along edges of spine cover.  Corners bumped.  Pages are mainly clean and clear, with some minor spots.  There is no date or copyright information in the book,

At the back of this book is a list of “well known firms” who sponsored this book.  Many of them have full page ads in the cookbook.  The Los Angeles Examiner is among those.  The first page of the book is a little certificate of presentation to be made out to Mrs. _____ with the compliments of The Lost Angeles Examiner.  Given the language of some of the ads (like “Start Married Life Right,) I suspect this cookbook was given to new brides to promote the newspaper and the businesses in the advertisements.

I also imagine that this copy is from the first printing because of the gold embossing of the title.  Later printings had plain brown embossing.


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