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Fine Old Dixie Recipes Wood “Mammy” Cover, 1938, 1939

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Fine Old Dixie Recipes Wood “Mammy” Cover: The Southern Cook Book of Fine Old Recipes or Southern Cook Book: 250 Old Dixie Recipes, compiled and edited by Lillie S. Lustig. This book was copyrighted 1938 by Culinary Arts Press, Reading, Pa. This copy is from that first edition, second printing, 1939! It has the gift cover, the hand made wooden cover with hand painted “mammy.” Cover by the Three Mountaineers!  Inside, there’s the soft cover book, Southern Cook Book. 48 pages. Recipes from “North Carolina Syllabub (A Builder-Upper)” to a long recipe for Mint Julep to “Pendennis Turtle Soup (The Soup That Made Kentucky Famous)” to “Queen of Trifles Pudding.” This book AND its cover are in fine (that is to say mint) condition.

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