Filippini’s 100 Recipes Cooking Serving Fish, 1892



Filippini’s One Hundred Recipes Cooking and Serving Fish from the Handy Volume Culinary Series, No. 2, published in 1892 by Charles L. Webster & Company, New York.   By Filippini, who always put under his byline “(twenty-five years with Delmonico.)”  Beautifully embossed hard cover book.  First edition. 121 pages, plus four pages of advertising for Filippini’s other published cookbooks, “One Hundred Ways of Cooking Eggs” and “The Table.”  The 100 recipes featured in this book are nothing if not elegant.  Some even seem a bit odd.  (Click on our Recipes section at the top of the home page to find Filippini’s recipe for blanching cod fish tongues.)  But some of the best recipes are in the Appendix.  That’s where Filippini filed all his basic sauce recipes, as well as basic side dish recipes.  The cover of this book has some shelf wear.  The binding is still in good shape.  The pages are lightly and evenly tanned and completely clean.  Excellent antique condition. Definitely gift quality!

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