Famous Recipes by Famous People, 1936, Stated First Edition, First Printing



Famous Recipes by Famous People:  Apparently, everyone who was anyone in 1936 gathered at the Hotel Del Monte to exchange recipes. These recipes, then, were gathered and annotated by Herbert Cerwin and illustrated by Paul Whitman. The resulting booklet was published by the Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, California, in 1936. This paperback cookbook is from that 1936 first edition, first printing. (The cookbook was reprinted by Sunset Magazine in 1940 in a hard cover edition. We have a copy of that edition, also for sale–at a much lower price.) If I started listing all the famous people who contributed recipes, I’d be typing for a long time. Here are a few: Robinson Jeffers, Sherwood Anderson, William Powell, John Steinbeck, Fannie Hurst, Gertrude Stein, Upton Sinclair, Rube Goldberg, The Duke of Kent (former Prince George of England,) Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oscar of the Waldolf Astoria, Zane Grey, Walt Disney, Christopher Morley, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The Hotel Del Monte added many of the hotel’s own recipes. 43 pages.

Booklet is in good vintage condition. The spine has been reinforced with clear librarian’s tape. The cover has shelf wear and staining. A corner has been torn off the fly leaf. The pages are all clear and clean.

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