Eat It Cookbook by Dana Crumb, Art by R. Crumb, 1972, First Edition



Eat It: A Cookbook by Dana Crumb, Art by R. Crumb, 1972:  First edition paperback of cookbook by Dana Crumb and Shery Cohen, with an introduction by Paul Cohen and art by R. Crumb.  Published by Hellerophon Books, San Francisco, California.  Oversized paperback with 64 pages.  Good vintage condition.  General wear on pages, a few spots and splashes on a couple of pages.  Binding is holding.  Many R. Crumb illustrations on nearly every page.  Two pages of “Kitchen Kut-Outs”–printed on much heavier paper–are still in the center of the book.  They are in good condition.

(How do I know this is a first edition?  The price printed on the cover is $1.95.  The price on the second edition was $2.95.  This picture is from a later edition.)

Cookbook begins with a few pages on text on nutrition.  Then, there’s a page of instruction about collecting the right kind of cooking equipment from thrift stores.  Chapters on vegetables and salads, soups and currys, casseroles, meat, fish and chicken, eggs and dairy, breads, desserts, baby food, remedies and tonics, and a quick introduction to canning.  Lots and lots of homespun hippie advice.

At we try to provide you with your mother’s cookbook! I know lots of current recipe bloggers write proudly that their recipes are “not from your mother’s cookbook.” We think the recipes in your mother’s cookbook provided food that was nutritious and warm and colorful and just plain yummy! We know that just looking at the cover of your mother’s Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book makes you feel good. Holding her Betty Crocker Cookbook, or her Better Homes and Gardens, or Good Housekeeping Cookbook in your hands is better than nostalgic. And cooking some of those dishes for your children will pass on a great tradition.

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