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Dining in Chicago by John Drury, 1931

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Dining in Chicago by John Drury, 1931: Stated revised edition, second printing of elegant book written by John Drury, with a forward by the great Chicago poet, Carl Sandburg. Published by The John Day Company, New York. (The first edition, first printing of this book was also in 1931. The revised edition was probably just a clean-up of small problems in the first edition. Certainly the revised edition wasn’t a major re-write of the first edition.) This is a small but thick book covered in blue and white gingham linen in excellent vintage condition. Some shelf wear on the cover, particularly on the spine cover. Heavy paper for the pages, which all have deckle edges. All pages are clean and clear.

Dining in Chicago is not a cookbook. It is a glimpse into Chicago’s past via its restaurants. Drury writes in a lively, conversational style and provides menus, some recipes, and lots of opinions on Chicago’s restaurants. (Some of those restaurants are still there! The restaurants at the Drake Hotel are there, of course. We just had lunch at the Art Institute’s cafeteria last month, and it was wonderful, featuring all locally sourced, fresh produce.) Drury organizes this book by Chicago geography, and the pages inside the cover shows you those districts on the Gastronomical Map of Chicago. He opens this book with a discussion of the American tradition of drinking cocktails and includes many cocktail recipes. In fact, if you click on Recipes at the top right of VintageCookbook’s home page, you can find the recipe for the Chicago Cocktail. Here:


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